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Dr. Allan Walker is an outstanding Bible prophecy teacher who knows how to utilize visual aids to the utmost.  His presentations are always biblically based, well organized and adjusted to the understanding level of his audience.  In short, he is a very effective communicator with a passion for his subject.
- Dr. David Reagan, Lamb and Lion Ministries, McKinney, TX

Dr. Allan Walker has been a guest on Network 7 - Iran Alive Ministries broadcasts several times. His use of visual aids on Bible prophecy and the Tabernacle are good equipping tools for all our viewers and especially to the Islamic world. 

Allan consistently teaches in love, truth and power. His love of the scriptures and attention to detail is evident. He has been a blessing to our ministry and works well with all our staff through the processes of live broadcasts and recorded programs.
- Dr. Hormoz Shariat, Iran Alive Ministries, Dallas, TX

"I want to recommend Dr. Allan Walker to you as both a speaker and a musician. I have had the great blessing over the course of several years of having Allan provide the music specials at our International Tulsa and Mid America Prophecy Conferences. Allan is also an expert in the field of Bible prophecy, where his charts and graphics paint the Biblical picture of the last days in an easy-to-understand format.

Allan's presentations show a high regard for the integrity of the Bible and a low regard for unwarranted speculation and sensationalism, yet the format of his faithful studies bring out the excitement, sobriety and built-in Biblical sensationalism of the prophecies themselves. His service on staff at The Voice of the Martyrs adds a special depth to his messages. It is my pleasure to highly recommend to you Allan Walker as a gifted servant of Christ." 
- Phillip Goodman, Bible Prophecy as Written, Tulsa, OK

Dr. Allan Walker is a faithful servant of Christ. He is a prolific teacher of the Bible, producing both printed and recorded materials that bless the lives of so many. Dr. Walker is also a knowledgeable and interesting teacher in End-Time events and the Prophetic Word of God. He has earned a Ph.D. in Biblical Prophecy from the Christ College Graduate School.
You and those you know will be blessed and helped by the ministry of Dr. Allan Walker.
- Dr. David Ralston, Director, Christ To The Nations, Cocoa, FL

“I want to recommend Dr. Allan Walker and his ministry.  He is a faithful colleague and friend in ministry and is skilled and knowledgeable in the field of Bible Prophecy.  He is committed to his calling and I recommend him without reservation, he would be a blessing to your church, conference, Bible study, etc.   He will help give your church a clear and balanced perspective on Bible Prophecy, making complex subjects simple for the common man as well as the Bible scholar.   He is a man of integrity and I am glad to know him.” 
- Evangelist Donald Perkins, According To Prophecy Ministries,  Lemon Grove, CA

"I would like to recommend to you and your church Allan Walker Ministries. We recently had Dr. Walker at our church for a weekend conference. He was asked to bring his "Bible Prophecy 101" presentation. What a blessing!  The two-service presentation was well prepared with exceptional visual aids and "up to the minute" information of our present world situation in the light of prophecy and the soon return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our people walked away with a greater understanding of God's Word and eschatological events. He brings a heavenly message "down to earth" so that all can understand it. He is a good prophecy teacher and a very gifted singer as well - a nice combination!  He also provides pamphlets, handouts, and other pertinent information concerning prophecy and its relationship to our lives as believers. If you want your people to get a good grasp of God's Plan of the Ages and the pre-tribulation rapture, then don't hesitate to give Allan a call." Allan also served on staff with The Voice of the Martyrs. We utilized an extra service in order for him to share how their ministry is helping the persecuted church around the world. 
- Pastor W. Lynn Stroud, Retired, Friendship Baptist Church, Montalba, TX

Dr. Allan Walker has once again blessed our congregation. Allan’s diligent study into the Old Testament and New Testament provides an inspirational presentation of Bible Prophecy.

Our church welcomed Allan back for a three-week seminar. Each week the crowds grew as our people shared their excitement with others. Allan provided our church with a wealth of resources following each presentation. These tools provided further study into timely topics for our people.

I highly recommend Allan Walker Ministries to your church. I know he will be a great resource to any church’s understanding of these last times in which we live. 
- Dr. Darryl Wootton, Spirit Church (AG) Bartlesville, OK

"I would like to recommend the ministry of Dr. Allan Walker to you and your congregation. I've had him minister in the churches I have pastored in Oklahoma and now in Texas. Allan is also a gifted singer and we enjoyed the music ministry that he sung under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. 

There are few ministers that I would recommend that have the knowledge of God's Word and the end time events that Allan presented to our church in Kemp, Texas. With the PowerPoint visual presentation the message came alive on his wide screen and I was extremely impressed as I have taught technology in the public schools for over twenty years."
- Dr. Daniel Sue, Retired Pastor, Noble, OK

I have known Dr. Allan Walker for several years, worked with him at Bible Prophecy Conferences, heard him teach and sing, observed him as he served with The Voice of the Martyrs, and more. Allan has always demonstrated professionalism, great insight and Christian character. He is meticulous about sticking to the Bible, a talented musician and a self-motivated worker. It is easy for me to enthusiastically recommend him to everyone.  
- Daymond Duck, Author, Prophecy Plus Ministries, Dyer, TN

"Dr. Allan Walker was a speaker at our End Times Bible Prophecy Conference in Riverside, Washington. We found Allan to have a vast knowledge of the panorama of how God laid out the entire Bible, and was able to effectively communicate it to all. He did an amazing job of connecting with a large variety of people from new believers to people who have had a passion for studying Bible Prophecy for a lifetime. His materials are all well documented in the Word, and laid out so that they are very easy to understand. Allan sang special music for our event and all were richly blessed by it."
- Dan and Cheri Wilson, Future With Jesus Ministries, Riverside, WA

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