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Allan Walker, Ph.D., travels as an Evangelist, Bible Teacher and Singer in churches, conferences and through media ministry. He was ordained into the ministry in 1980 and has worked in all facets of local church ministry, including pastor, associate pastor, children's pastor, worship leader and church board member. Allan has a Ph.D. in Biblical Prophecy from Christ's College in Cocoa, FL. Walker has ministered in numerous local churches and seminars across the country and has been a guest on radio and TV broadcasts. He has given presentations on the persecuted church at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX. He has also done teaching and evangelism in Honduras and in Chiapas, Mexico. Allan retired from sixteen years with The Voice of the Martyrs and formerly served there as the Manager of Reader Services.

Allan has been a guest of Dr. David Reagan on Lamb and Lion's weekly television program called "Christ in Prophecy." This program is broadcast nationally on six Christian networks, which combined have access to 109 million homes in America. And through the satellite systems of some of these networks, they have access to every nation in the world. The program deals with the prophetic significance of national and international events.

Allan has been a guest of Dr. Hormoz Shariat on the Iran Alive Broadcast, where over 55 million Iranians have access to satellite TV. Bestselling author, Joel Rosenberg has referred to Dr. Shariat as "The Billy Graham of Iran." At any given time, 3-6 million viewers will be watching the programs. Their satellite footprint reaches the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. They have several million faithful followers who watch their programs regularly.

Allan is a member of the Pre-Trib Study Group, founded by Dr. Tim LaHaye. He has been a speaker and provided music for the Mid-America Prophecy Conference in Tulsa, OK. He is open for conferences, church meetings and through media throughout the USA.

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